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He didn't look or act at all like he was channeling that rage, though. Heck, even when he defeated Gajeel with his Ultimate Summoning Technique: Minecart Madness*, he had his standard attitude of overconfident silly smileness.

Had Natsu been looking like he did before, ready to be out for blood and with no one to get in his way, -all- of his actions would have been justified. Not a single person would have complained about him curbstomping both of them if he had acted -that- pissed off. I'd bet on that.
Have you ever been pissed off enough to not explode or go nuclear anymore but instead freeze solid? Inthink usui horokeu has shown it in a perfect way in shaman king (cant remember where). At some time you just go beyond and get back through the other end... Maybe Natsu had that. Either that or he learned to channel way better.