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I think you're just not the kind of person who'd get captivated by that game's atmosphere. Because atmosphere is really the thing that makes SotC such a great game.
Honestly, I can't even say that I know what you mean when you talk about the game's atmosphere. I can't recall anything that I'd think of as "atmosphere" from my time with it.

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Don't get a console right now. Next generation console are coming next year, timed for Christmas. The current generation of consoles are 5 years old, and showing it. If you absolutely can't abide getting a gaming PC together (the best option, by far, imo), then hold out on whatever gear you have currently.
Um, there is no information on next-gen consoles from Sony or Microsoft at this time. The Wii U arrives this November, but that's all we've got. And Sony in particular has stated their intention to continue supporting the PS3 through 2015, if I recall correctly.