Sebastian remained calm and composed for most of the trip, as was his usual attitude. Being a scion of one of Malfi's ruling families, the young noble was almost accustomed to extravagant means of transportation, towering spires and other extreme examples of Imperial architecture. He was not too fond of waiting, almost detained, in a plain room, but thankfully he had several interesting things to read about, stored in his data-slate. Upon their arrival, he stretched his tall and thin frame, set his robe straight, took a moment to make sure his appearance was in accordance with his status and proceeded to take the required statement in the senior arbitrator's office.

"I, Sebastian Yorke, scion of the noble House of Yorkes, hereby acknowledge my secondment to the Adeptus Arbites, Xenos Task Force "Aquila", with all concordant responsibilities and strictures. May the Emperor help me fullfill my duties with dilligence".