Bovd and Boed have been like, GLOBALLY declared as some of the -worst- supplements ever made for D&D, from its alignment system/etc, to its OVERPOWERED feats and spells that were broken in all ways - look at vow of poverty, nymph's kiss, etc in particular, and look at seething eyebane or whatever from bovd (oh, yes, i would like as a 1st level spell to deal a ton of damage AND BLIND YOU PERMANENTLY by having your eyeballs EXPLODE FROM YOUR FACE.)

I am not saying they were all bad, there was some things like the Corpse Creature/etc templates in bovd (intelligent undead), the alchemy/knight/ancestral weapon prc in bovd was very nice as well, but they were horribly written and unbalanced as a whole, so using them (especially considering they are supplements, NOT CORE), as an alignment guideline is silly.