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So apparently there's several boxing clubs (which also offer kickboxing, which they call "Thaiboxing"), none of them in my town, all roughly 5-8 miles away. One place even offers unlimited training times. Neat, although I doubt it's truly "unlimited" of course! (But probably every night and whole weekends or such.)

This means I get to add kickboxing to my list above as well. Daaang.
Thaiboxing almost certainly means muay thai, which is a pretty high-impact style. It's also a pretty effective style for self-defense though.

Inspite of the similarity in names, boxing and kickboxing are wildly different animals. You may need to ask more questions or actually go there to see which one they actually do at each of these clubs, though I wouldn't be suprised if a couple of them offered courses in both.

Since you're looking at martial arts primarily for fitness, I'd suggest going with a kickboxing course. Many of the long-time boxers I've seen have massive arms with tiny little stick-legs. It's not so much that their legs aren't in good shape, as it is their arms are in way better shape, and it creates a stark contrast that I, personally, find a little comical.