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    Default Re: Skyscraper Graveyard II: Jealousy and Ambition

    Quote Originally Posted by the_druid_droid View Post
    Hmm, that's actually a lot more positive than my thought of "heal cracks, vanish away into nothingness". Although somehow I suspect that even if I was thinking in the right direction there, there would be more Abyss and madness involved.

    In any case I've gotta say I'm loving it. I mean, in the course of two days or so we've gotten into some sort of clandestine possibly-flip operation with the Throne and reconfigured Earth's orbit. Not bad for a half-week.
    It's starting to remind me of the (stalled) Exalted game I'm in.
    Except not at all, because the campaign and it's storyteller are quite frankly deranged.

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    Was... Wa that a moon pun?
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