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To reach the level of derangement that the GM in question almost always reaches you'd have to be secretly crossovering the world of darkness with, I don't know, Gurren Lagann or something.

He's basically incapable of running an existing setting without subverting it as wildly as possible. [edit] Actually, this goes for his PC's too, when he plays. His 4e Warlock spent the whole campaign melee-basic-attacking people.

During the Exalted campaign which I can barely begin to explain, (and which lasted like half a dozen sessions tops, mind), we learned that the exalted setting was created using Culture-Style technology, presumably by people in the future of the regular WoD. The Unconquored Sun had been fired ages ago and is actually a regular jobless godling in heaven and three people, including an office worker and a policewoman effectively have admin-rights to creation.

In his dark heresy campaign we were given access to replicator technology in a self aware culture/star-trek style ship and were secretly being sponsored by alternate universe Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, from a universe where Horus was the good guy and Sanguinious fell to chaos. Oh, and they were pretty sure my Psyker was a reincarnation/clone/something of Horus too.
Just some highlights.
I have done some similar things, but I have always gone to great lengths to make sure that it fit with the tone of the setting in question. For instance, when my Rogue Trader team found a broken teleporter that kept conjuring clones of them, they quickly realised that they had only one soul that was being stretched out over 9 or so bodies and they would die if they didn't start murdering themselves.

Just to muddy the moral waters some more, they were Clone Group #4 - and Clone Group #2 had gotten the 'murder all replicants' idea first.

What made that session for me was the exchange,

"Why don't we just blow up the teleporter, stop it creating clones?"
"Are you stupid? Do you have any idea how much money that thing is worth?"

Themes are important.

What do I want, Thanqol? Just keep doing what you're doing. It's nice only to have to question if the world has gone mad, rather than the Storyteller.
Everything in this game is internally consistent. The world isn't mad, you're just ignorant.