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I have done some similar things, but I have always gone to great lengths to make sure that it fit with the tone of the setting in question. For instance, when my Rogue Trader team found a broken teleporter that kept conjuring clones of them, they quickly realised that they had only one soul that was being stretched out over 9 or so bodies and they would die if they didn't start murdering themselves.

Just to muddy the moral waters some more, they were Clone Group #4 - and Clone Group #2 had gotten the 'murder all replicants' idea first.

What made that session for me was the exchange,

"Why don't we just blow up the teleporter, stop it creating clones?"
"Are you stupid? Do you have any idea how much money that thing is worth?"

Themes are important.
It's nice having themes be important for a change.
Sounds like a cool game, too.

The replicator and accompanying ship worked perfectly. I think I ended up asking for and receiving Power Armour in the end, once we figured this out, because why not? I think it came out mastercraft or something. To be fair, I think he deliberately set out to murder the theme of dark heresy. That practically was the theme. The Deathwatch game is using the same continuity and setting, and I'm the only player with prior experience of it.
Which does make sessions more amusing than they otherwise might be.