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    Quote Originally Posted by 123456789blaaa View Post
    Nitpick: There is actually one way. In dnd 3.5 there is a feat called Master of Necromacy. When you kill something with a [death] spell, it rises as a ghost your next turn for CL rounds under your control.
    I haven't heard of this before. Where can I find it?
    Quote Originally Posted by hamishspence View Post
    BoVD says otherwise- stealing is (at least typically) Evil.

    Now it might be much less Evil than the Good acts the character is committing.

    Or there might be factors that make it "not really stealing" (it's taxes, imposed unjustly to line the pockets of the nobles rather than to pay for the community's needs- and Robin gives it back to the people who have been taxed).

    But it's not Neutral by default- it needs such factors to make it Neutral.
    Theft, like any other form of indirect harm, is morally neutral in and of itself; but, like killing (something else that's neutral in and of itself), it becomes either good or evil based on motivation and obvious consequence.

    Picking up a coin pouch you find in an alley and keeping the contents is neither good nor evil.

    If you happened to find it right next to an apparently-homeless, unconcious person (be he drunk, or knocked out with the would-be robber fleeing out the other end of the alley) then keeping it is probably evil. The guy on the ground is most likely the actual owner and stealing his coin will almost undoubtably cause him further harm.

    If, on the other hand, you find it whilst tailing a well-to-do merchant that's known for gouging his customers and arranging "accidents" taking his money means relieving him of resources that would likely have gone toward further evil, or at least unsavory, acts. Making it neutral at worst, and possibly good to steal this particular pouch.

    Of course, either of the above can be returned to neutral by motivation. Keeping the beggar's purse so that he can't buy booze with it with the intention of buying him food and helping him get help, makes it a pragmatic theft. It doesn't become evil until you decide to keep it when it turns out that he's just down on his luck and would use the money responsibly anyway.

    Stealing the ne'er-do-well merchants coin returns to neutral if you don't know about any of his dark deeds but figured he's rich enough he won't miss it. No harm = no evil, in this context.

    Theft is inherently chaotic. But it's not inherently evil.

    @ mentions of baelnorns: Intelligent undead never were inherently evil. Their creation is, but the creatures themselves are only as evil as they choose to be. They almost invariably have a harder time choosing not to be evil because of the abilities and, frequently, the drive to destroy life that come with their new state of being, or because that new state of being required they already be evil to aquire it.
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