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    Default Re: Skyscraper Graveyard II: Jealousy and Ambition

    Quote Originally Posted by the_druid_droid View Post
    I wanna try out Rogue Trader so bad, you don't even know.
    It's a great game, but I wouldn't run it A) Online (it benefits greatly from miniatures) or B) With a straight face. Rogue Trader is the brilliant ray of bright colour on the grimdark black on black of the 40K universe. The type that looks back at all that and says, "God-Emperor we're tossers".

    And more than just making a simple statement, the game then encourages you to go nuts exploiting the nonsensical 40K setting for your own profit. Have you ever wanted to dogfight with 1940's-era biplanes in the reactor room of your own spaceship? Go big game hunting for Orks? Launch an orbital strike to avenge a petty grievance?

    Like I told my GM, "You call them insanity points, I call them my score."
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