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    Quote Originally Posted by SoC175 View Post
    As long as they stay in the tomb guarding it you have no business to desecrate and rob it either way.
    This is assuming you consider the sanctity of the dead to be a valid concept, rather than dismissing such sentimentality as an excuse for denying material resources to living people who can still appreciate them. Whether or not such a belief is valid in IRL, it becomes both more and less valid in the D&D environment. Ghosts exist and the Afterlife can be visited, so violating a tomb can measurably and verifyibly produce effects, but it can also measurably and verifiably produce no effects, depending on whatever factors are responsible for determining whether an effect occurs. Maybe disturbing a person's corpse sympathetically causes discomfort to their soul in whatever afterlife it's chilling out in (or increases their discomfort, if they're being tormented in a Lower Plane or blasted to still-sentient shreds of flesh in Limbo). Then again, maybe it affects them no more than someone moving into a house you lived in 20 years ago affects you - you don't necessarily know, and even if someone tells you, it's entirely possible you won't care. Get a cleric to cast Communion and ask the gods which it is; then you know whether or not tomb-robbing is actually a crime, and if the answer is "no" you may pillage the graves of the less-knowledgeable ancients with a clear conscience, helping actual living people at no real expense to anyone. Likewise with ghosts; if someone did have a ghost, and you destroyed the ghost in such a way that it can't return, you can now loot their corpse and be reasonably certain they no longer exist in a sentient form which might object.
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