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    Default Re: Sources and Potential Sources for and of the Giant

    Leaving aside the discussion about whether the gates are MacGuffins or not, back to the original topic: As a fellow DM it is quite obvious that "the Giant" is writing this story as he would be playing a typical D&D-Campaign - just with the advantage of the player characters doing exactly what he wants them to do (something that you can bet is hardly ever happening in roleplay). Instead he switched to the audience being the players, using the traditional tools of a good DM to keep the players interested and motivated. The strongest of all the tools is information - give them enough to understand the plot and the need to follow it, but never give out everything. Keep information hidden, either by simply not telling it or by hiding it as redundant and/or cryptic info (which usually is called foreshadowing) which will be only making sense later on. All this while you yourself are aware of everything that goes on, so that it makes sense if the missing information is revealed.
    This spiced up with interesting and diverse NPC's (honestly, not a single campaign that I was leading had such a bunch of diverse yet convincing evil overlords at once as it is found in OotS) and a good sense for the possibilities and borders of a comic strip.

    In the end it comes to the point that actually there isn't much additional sources needed besides this what is already inside the D&D-world. The story and the used themes do not need to feed so much on non-D&D-stuff, if you take the outgame-jokes aside. It may seem like this from time to time, but this is mainly due to the fact that D&D itself is, of course, feeding on other themes as well, specifically fantasy-themes (neither D&D nor Tolkien were the ones to invent things like gods, dragons, dwarves, trolls, elves, sorcerers or orcs - they just took the stuff, mixed it up and added here or there some variation, rarely something really new).
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