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Actually, yes. I picked that up probably from you somewhere.
My nod was at internal consistency being hard when I can't even tell you the meaningful differences between guardians and mysterium without thinking about whatshername. Errant. One hides knowledge, the other puts done things.

I cheated and said his department was more prevention and recon, but as an example he knew about this one freaky prayer plate from a fellow Guardian over in Detroit... Steal the hay out of it!
Yeah, the big divide between the Mysterium and the Guardians is "Put it in a secure box in case we need it later" verses "Put it in the sun".

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Would that be three days in the new calendar or the old one?
Three days is still three days; human life expectancy measured in years is a little bit longer because years are a little bit shorter, biology still functions at the same rate it used to. Things are just neater now.

Not just us though, apparently like everyone ever in every organization except the people who aren't that you can't really tell apart from the people who are ignorant. Man, this setting is fun.
Everyone has a little tiny fragment of the truth which they jealously hoard against all others.

Oh, I saw that movie on the last plane flight I took. It was totally hilarious and they did some awesome time magic.
Some brilliant Guardian of the Veil working in PR made that series and somehow made an unaccountable government conspiracy that hoards knowledge, brainwashes civilians and oppresses the masses the protagonists.