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I have to say don't spend money on a console. A lot of great games are supported on the PC, and there are even more games that are only on the PC. Plus, the Wii U marks the advent of this generation of consoles. I don't care if Sony says they'll continue supporting PS3 until 2015. That's only three years before your purchase is wasted. The next XBox is probably going to come out in a year or two.
I very much disagree. I am not saying consoles are superior to PCs, but there are things that a console does that a PC can't. And for some people those things outweight the limitations considerably.

Not to make this a debate, but only an explaination why some people are more happy with consoles than PCs:
- My number 1: Couch! I played on my desk for over 15 years and I just can't stand it anymore. Sitting or even lying lazily on my couch is a vastly "improved gaming experience" for me.
- I am always lagging behind a year or two, always jumping only on trains that never stopped being super popular. As such I got all my consoles and almost all my games second hand. Which means it's cheap. For all my three consoles, which I admit is completely decadent, I spend about 300. And they never need new hardware, which makes it even cheaper for me.
- Ease of use: I'm not an expert expert, but I can build a computer from scratch and install and configure linux. That's not a great feat for the real crack pros, but I think that still puts me in the top 10% of all PC users when it comes to understanding the technology. And even I spend between one half and two hours on the majority of my PC games before I got them running in way that is playable. Consoles don't need hardware upgrades and they don't need new drivers. There never are issues with new hardware not working with old games. I think for many people this is a major factor. Hell, it has become a major factor for me!
- As of now, there is none of that DRM crap that PCs are suffering. When I have the disk, I can play the game. Easy as that! No always online, no rootkits, no forced registration. There's a number of PC games I boycotted because of this, but with the console versions I now don't have a problem.
- Obviously, the games. I love Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Shadow of the Colossus, Valkyria Chronicles, and Okami. I can not play those on a PC. However for me, the number of games that I would want to play but are PC exclusives are much smaller.
And while console graphics are usually not as advanced, that often is not an issue. I have ancient PS1 games on my PS2 that I love to death and still play a lot. And unlike on my PC, my console games from the early 90s still run without trouble. I can't get Tie Fighter to work correctly no matter how much I tried.

If you want to get the latest games with great graphics, then yes. This is not a good moment to buy a console. But If you want to play older games, this is an excelent time to buy a console!