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And there is still no reason whatsoever for doing this, it destroyes a lot of atmosphere and buildup, and thats all it does, there isnt anything else addet in its stead.
Of course there is. It makes perfectly clear that these guys are not the main villain.
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That there was something building up in the bagground was forshadowed pretty heavily, so to start with there wasnt any reason at all for destroying ST as a credible threat, and at the same time it then also managet to completely ruin the buildup that had happend since the start of the timeskip, with the magical world having moved on and evolved to a degree where other guilds would actualy be able to pose a challenge towards FT.
You see, your reasoning is the entire reason behind doing this. You thought the magical world having moved on or Sabertooth being around was plot critical. Turns out it isn't. Showing so blatantly that Sabertooth is not a critical threat is the only way to make sure they are not at all important, just a bunch of overhyped dudes. Does it ruin the build up? Yes, of course it does, that's the whole point of a decoy antagonist.

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But now its hard to take anything at all seriously, since Natsu and Gajeel has now displayed a level of power that would allow FT to take on all the other guilds in the tournament and win.
And that does not matter, since the tournament is not important at all.

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And again, this has nothing to do with, and could easily be done without, worfing the entire magical world into oblivion.
That is simply not what happened here. Natsu was able to defeat Rogue and Sting. People have been saying they are the bee's knees. The obvious conclusion is that they are, well, not. You're jumping to the conclusion that they are indeed as powerful as advertised and by consequence that Natsu is above everyone else in the tournament. That ignores two key factors:
1) It is very likely they are not as powerful as you were led to think
2) Natsu's power fluctuates wildly
Basically, you're making a big deal out of something that clearly isn't. I understand you not liking it, but it does serve a purpose in storytelling. It could have been done differently but then again, anything could.