Mystic Agility: Uncanny dodge, trapsense-claims it's an immediate spell


Acid splash: Urinates on opponent

Detect magic: Looks at something for fifteen seconds, if it is fancy looking or shiny it's magical

Daze: Hits enemy with pommel of sword/Shouts "BOO" in their face

Dancing Lights: Lights a lantern/torch and swings it around

Flare: Throws torch in opponent's face

Light: Sets object on fire

Ray of Frost: requires cold environment, throws water at opponent

Ghost sound: Attempts to throw his voice

Touch of Fatigue: Tickles opponent

Mending: Smashes broken pieces back together

Message: Shouts across the battlefield

Open/Close: Refuses to open or close anything, claiming it would be a waste of his spells per day

Arcane Mark: Doodles on an object

Prestidigitation: Never bathes, waves his hands over his body every morning and claims he smells fine