Oh god, don't get me started. I'm in IT as well and I can say from experience that it all depends on the game and the rig you've got. Many combinations work, and it's amazing when they do, but there are some which can have you tearing your hair out.

My last PC game I had trouble getting to run properly (and keep in mind I don't buy PC games too often) was Black & White 2. I had a perfectly good video card for the time, however I found out I needed updated drivers for my card to play the game without messing the bed after a couple of hours in. Of course, drivers for my particular model of card didn't exist and I had to go off recommendations from other users on what I could substitute (which is dangerous on it's own). That whole process took a whole night of swearing, research, installing and rebooting.

Mind, I've had plenty of games which have just worked without trouble as well, but I think the console is just worth it so I don't have to worry about dealing with this sort of problem anymore.

Although Skyrim definitely likes to test my patience in that regard, despite that it's a console game :/

One thing I also like about consoles is I don't have to worry about feeling like my PC set up is inadequate because I can't have respectable graphics for a higher end game. My console, while it may not be able to do the highest quality stuff that the PC can pump out, still gives me an enjoyable experience which includes all the visual features I find necessary.