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I think that turn undead functions by expelling/removing the Negative energy by injecting Positive energy into the undead. The two opposing energies cancel each other and remove each other which gets rid of the energy animating the undead. On the converse Evil clerics infuse their negative energy into the undead and overwrite their natural negative energy.
I like this concept, although it makes me wonder why you can't control the living by overwriting their natural positive energy with a Turn Undead. Not that this is a hard question to answer, I just thought it cute to consider a moment.

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Living Greyhawk actually told DMs to use BoVD as an alignment guideline (for evil aligned acts).
While Greyhawk has its charms, it is probably second only to Dragonlance for the lack of subtlety in its alignment subtext. Those who like shining, infallible, righteously murderous templar-paladins and cackling, ridiculously self-sabotaging evil megalomaniacs certainly gravitate toward such a setting, and those players are likely to find the BOXD/BOVD portrayal useful enough (which is exactly why those books were written as they were, or at all most likely). But relatively few of them are going to be found on a thread like this.

Wizards doesn't tend to bother writing books to cater to the more cerebral players such as most of us, not only because we're less likely to prefer D&D above its competition in the first place, but because if we want a supplement that delves into some of the more abstruse implications instead of just accepting every genre convention at face value, we can pretty much write it ourselves (and are essentially doing just that with threads like this one). What's harder for us to do is edit it into a form organized enough to be highly useful, but one can hardly blame the company for not wanting to tackle that kind of workload.