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    Default Re: Skyscraper Graveyard II: Jealousy and Ambition

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiki Snakes View Post
    I never mean Tau.
    Unless you're asking what 40k faction I'd like to kill off the most.
    I am utterly ignorant of 40k

    But seriously, pi is probably a Seer conspiracy or something, man! Pi's meant to keep our mathematics from reaching the full height of beauty and elegance.
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    Though the goblins cuffed and caught her,
    Coaxed and fought her,
    Bullied and besought her,
    Scratched her, pinched her black as ink,
    Kicked and knocked her,
    Mauled and mocked her,
    Lizzie uttered not a word;
    Would not open lip from lip
    Lest they should cram a mouthful in:
    But laughed in heart to feel the drip
    Of juice that syrruped all her face,
    And lodged in dimples of her chin,
    And streaked her neck which quaked like curd.