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Bovd and Boed have been like, GLOBALLY declared as some of the -worst- supplements ever made for D&D, from its alignment system/etc, to its OVERPOWERED feats and spells that were broken in all ways - look at vow of poverty, nymph's kiss, etc in particular, and look at seething eyebane or whatever from bovd (oh, yes, i would like as a 1st level spell to deal a ton of damage AND BLIND YOU PERMANENTLY by having your eyeballs EXPLODE FROM YOUR FACE.)
Out of curiosity, what's the prevailing opinion on the 4e Book of Vile Darkness? Because, when I read it, I thought it was a lot better because they went less over the top with it, the character options actually felt evil (Due to most of their powers involving screwing over your allies), a lot of the DM stuff brought back some of that old-school lethality to 4e, and the quotes from various famous D&D villains did show they at least had a sense of humor.