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    Verateka nodded to Setesh as he arrived. "++Don't touch Riptide. But he may target you -- I trust you can dodge?++" She and Grag charged towards the same renegade, intent on thinning the herd and allowing Riptide's murder protocols to shut down. It appeared they were not responding to her commands.

    They're charging at the one five meters away.

    (1d100)[6] v. 45 for Verateka's charge.
    Presuming a hit: (1d10)[9]/2+2, Pen 2

    (1d100)[65] v. 85 for Grag's charge.
    (1d10)[1] + 10, Pen 7
    (1d10)[1] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 65:
    (1d10)[7] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 45:
    (1d10)[8] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 25:
    (1d10)[6] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 5:
    (1d10)[3] + 10, Pen 7
    My apologies, I had gotten the numbers wrong on my first charge. These have been correct to appropriate represent his charge damage.
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