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1. So ... you want to confuse them a hundred times more when they get to radians and trigonometry and all the other stuff where tau really shines and makes everything so much neater? Wouldn't it be better to accept a tiny bit of possible confusion in one area to eliminate a much bigger and more pervasive confusion elsewhere?

2. Getting a good grip on division is something I'd say is important for kids at that age. If they are scared by having to halve something when they get to circles and areas, then their education has failed them massively! If we were talking about stranger fractions rather than simply halving stuff, then maybe. If squaring something is not scary, then division by 2 should not be.

If children are intimidated by simple fractions, it is not the fault of the fractions (or the children), but of their teachers, parents, educational system and/or society as a whole.

3. You could write it as 2A=tau * r^2 if you really wanted to avoid obvious fractions. Perhaps there's even an opportunity for some lesson or (possibly visual) aid to help them better understanding the formula or division itself. As a teacher I'd probably see an opportunity for some discussion here.
See, I think going the other way makes more sense. The most simple and basic formula should look completely simple and early on people should be able to grasp the stuff as easily as possible. If you avoid scaring them off, then they'll actually learn the math and then by the time they get into trig they'll be capable enough to divide by 2 as necessary.

The problem with math, imo, is that people get lost early and start hating it and then they never get into it.

Having said that, I agree that teachers not being engaging is the problem and that it's not really the fault of the number system. But to the extent that any kind of system setup can make things easier for people at the start, it's the best we can do to mitigate bad teachers.

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The more important question is, which factions of insane magical megalomaniacs are responsible for which mathematical thingy and associated support?

Also, Tau; At least I've mellowed to the point where I'd be happy to see them eaten, Ala the Squats, rather than retconned from existence.
I'm pretty much just going to keep repeating stealth suits and railguns until I get tired or you give in.