Grim can actually do followup questions if he wants. The food at that kitchen has always been good. they're known to be very caring towards the transitory folk. And Boffo is a bit wacko, but he usually doesn't like to miss free meals either.

Alrighty, onto the actual spellcasting! Thanks to Amber's help, she has placed an aspect on the scene of "Well-prepared" that Harry can tag to increase his effective Lore to compare against the Complexity of the spell. This spell seems somewhat difficult, with a Complexity of 8. Harry's current Lore of 5 has been enhanced to 7 with the aspect, and if one of you decides to take an appropriate minor consequence OR spend a fate point to invoke an appropriate aspect on yuor character sheet that'd make snese in helping a magic ritual, then the complexity requirement will be met. What does Amber with to do?