"Sure thing, sah...

We've li'l authority to be ord'rin' the other sheriffs around, I see, that's all well an' good...

What authority we got on other concerns? Like the PDF fer example? Let's say we need their boss-types rounded up an' asked a few things... can that be arranged?

I'm assumin' such matters will be dealt with by those wi' bigger hats than us, but it bears askin' is all... don't want to be gettin' strung up on jurisdictional matters when trouble comes a-knockin'."

Jim wants to be sure of a few details, so slowly asks some questions regarding jurisdiction. He also continues on, clearing up some other matters,

"Now, I understan', this may be on a need-ta-know basis, but, are there any other lawmen on the job? Any other teams o' gumshoes? I don't wanna be steppin' on anybody's toes, y'see.

Aaaand... how often should we report in to yerself? Some folks are appreciatin' initiative and such, but, personally, I think that a bit o' communication wi' the head honcho helps keep things by the ol' numbers. Prevents us from mistakenly strayin' off the rails an' whatnot."