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I agree clarity and not scaring away young people is super important, which is exactly why tau should be used instead.

My point is, by the time students get to the area of circles, division by 2 should absolutely not be a source of concern. If they are scared by circles because of a division by 2, then you have already failed them when you taught them division. Throwing out all the good that tau does because teachers fail at teaching division to kids is totally missing the problem.
Deadly, we're actually talking about two different things here. You're saying that people should be comfortable with fractions at the point when they're getting into circles. I agree with you that they should, and that Tau has several notational advantages.

However, I am making a statement about my belief as to the state of the world. I believe it is a fact that even though people should know fractions, many do not. And I believe it is a fact that many people become uncomfortable when they see an expression with the appearance of a fraction.

Because I believe those facts to be true, I think that the introduction of tau would be counterproductive and would make it harder for young people to catch up due to their discomfort. Thefore, I think Tau should only be introduced after or in concurrence with other efforts to improve mathematics teaching.