"I will look on him. I'm an eternal traveller and it won't be surprising if I left the school for a time being to go on the other end of the world." The Shina's voice was clear and loud. "I will take my time to make him speak. Plus my family isn't here, so, no problem."

The magical girl was still in her armor, and walked around the prisonner, her katana at the saya, but ready to slay any threat.

looking for the necromancer, Shina arrise her voice again to submit all of her proposal to the other princess

"You've all choose to guard this man and declined the offer of the princess we meet earlier. I won't critize your choice, but make sur we can be able to accomplish our duty. And for the moment, we will need to adapt this place for the pace you've choose. And make it quickly. I don't intend to stay eternaly up to watch "him"." By appointing the man.

Her last word was clear. For her, he was on the verge to be recall by the limb of the death and if he make any weird movement, his last breath will come quickly.