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Ooo, awesome. I'll use the challenge to help bug me to do NaNo if I get round to doing it. Still not sure if I'll have time, but I might try it.
Sweet! Welcome aboard Are you gonna use a counter as proof, like Mercenary does?

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Can I enter something retroactively? I just found this challenge today, but I wrote parts II and III of this Dungeons and Dragons work in the past few days. The wordcount for those is 2286, and it even includes the fire theme!

(I hope I'm reading the rules on "works-in-progress" right, 'cause the WLD is my only current project that's able to be published right now).
Sure. Works done in the week of your entry counts towards that week (but you can't go further back).

"works in progress" is in place to prevent sketches and barely-strung-together written works. But 250 words out of a larger piece definitely counts. We can't have people write six novels every week

Welcome aboard to you, too!