Ambelus shot the Metallican a cool look. "You don't beat around the bush, Westingkrup, that's for sure. Jurisdictional conflicts are to be avoided. At all costs. This operation is ..." He blinked. "Operating, for lack of a better word, on a need-to-know basis. You want to bring anybody official in, you come to me. There aren't many people on Lo with a bigger hat than mine. But frankly, if it has to come to that then I have misjudged your usefulness."

The commander paused, as if considering his next words carefully. "Very few people outside this room are aware of this operation's existence. I want it to stay that way. However." The next sentences were delivered slowly and deliberately. "I cannot rule out that there may be other interested parties. The Cold Trade is a serious matter. I am the commanding officer of the Adeptus Arbites on this planet, and I have assigned you to deal with this operation." His face was a mask, carefully controlled to allow no scrap of emotion to escape. "So, as far as I'm concerned you are the only people working this investigation. If you come across any other interested parties, it is within your remit to decide how to deal with them."

He sighed. "As for communication, I would appreciate being kept informed. You can contact me directly from any Arbites station in the hive. Use the callsign 'Angevin' over the network. Nonetheless, you may take your operative rank seriously. I expect my Investigators to act on their own initiative and make command decisions in the field as they see fit. That applies especially for this task force - for everything except, as I mentioned, jurisdictional issues."