"I'm sorry, I don't know first aid. Sure wish I would, though." She put in her memory-box as another of the thousand things she had to find time for. Knowing how to patch people up would likely prove handy in her momentous life as a Princess.
"I have lessons, and afterclass activities, and a lot of stuff to do all the time. But I can... I can find time. Perhaps miss a few classes. Or come at night. Night sounds good. If we are that many in town, we should be able to organize our schedules more efficiently, so that our patrols are more efficients and take less time. You do patrols, right?" she asked, trying to ignore the nagging voice at the back of her head saying you're insaaaaane.
"I can't do much today, but I know a Charm that would allow me to work while keeping watch. From tomorrow on I should be able to stay here and still do normal work so as to not attract suspicion... I think."
She was starting to ramble, she realized, and her comments weren't quite helpful; so she fell silent, looking around her. There were rooms for storage, but none were closed. However, the warehous itself had been closed, with boards closing it. Maybe...
"I'm gonna go around and look if I can do some kind of makeshift door, okay?"

Kim is going to look for anything that could be put together to close one of the rooms, probably by taking boards off the warehouse's exits, or by looking for anything that could be, I don't know, lying around.
Should I make a roll?