Sebastian Yorke listened carefully to Detective-Commander Ambulus, as he briefed them on the case they were assigned to. When he finished, we contemplated the various information for a while and then he spoke up.

"Commander. Impressive presentation. It does seem though as if on Lo, things are getting out of hand with that situation and it wouldn't be too far fetched for one to assume that if things detoriorate further, the planet may even need the intervention of the Imperial Guard. From what you said though, the current governor has not and quite probably will not - at least not without considerable pressure - admit that he's losing control over his planet. Knowing a few things about planetary government and those who are placed in such positions of power, he will not admit his responsibility, nor relinquish his powers easily.

Now, you urged us to be discreet and cautious and I completely agree with you. You did say also though, that we are to carry out this investigation by the book. Pardon me, sir, but if we are to do things by the book, which if I'm not mistaken involves brandishing of badges and direct methods of approach, we will surely expose our investigative efforts to those unsavory elements of Vulpis ward that we wish to avoid. If you mean it though, that we are to conduct an undercover investigation that eschews the overly public and "noisy" methods of approach, in favour of a more careful or refined approach, taking care not to commit any additional crimes or cooperate with criminal elements and adopt their dubious methods while doing so, then it is totally understandable sir.

Something else as well. How will we recognise your man, Marcus Volkes and will we be given some sort of code, phrase or other ID mark for him to believe us. Also, we will certainly need a place to set up a base of operations. Will Mr. Volkes provide us of any directions to assist us in that endeavour or you have already a suitable place in mind?"