"Start?" Gareth whispered, eyes still fixed on the blank viewscreen. "We start with the symptom of this...disorder. This anarchy that has overtaken the Ward. We should start with Kelleher."

The tech-priest shook his head, trying to focus. What he had been shown had shaken the man to his core. He knew that not everyone submitted to the just and lawful rule of the Imperium, that there were those who flouted authority and rejected the divine. But to be so close...to know that nearby, nearly a billion men and women stood outside the aegis of their own species, in defiance of all that he knew to be right, chilled his soul. He cleared his throat.

"Apologies. My deduction is undocumented. As you say, Gurner is a fool, wishing to contact a more well-informed one. He is either bait or a pawn for others who can easily afford his loss. So - we go straight to the source. We find why he might be interested in Kelleher, what this...animal is attempting. This knowledge may give us insight into Gurner's masters."

With an effort, he tore his gaze away from the vidscreen.

"Detective-Commander, how might we best contact your man Volke?"