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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiki Snakes View Post
    Eh. I never saw a problem with Pi, and despite having read up on this 2pi thing before, I just don't see the point. It strikes me very much as a case of better-cause-it's-new, created for the sake of having created it rather than to fill a genuine need. And the idea of a campaign to replace the historically used alternative with it, calling it wrong (despite being no less mathematically accurate), just seems very much like a thing

    I'm thinking on reflection Tau is probably a Free Council wheeze. Pi doesn't feel convaluted or unhelpful enough to be any kind of Seer plot though, really.
    Aside from the purely aesthetic appeal of it (which I will admit is probably not something most people will get), the actual need is a pedagogical one rather than a purely practical one. When you're just plugging in numbers it doesn't matter which numbers those are, as long as you know the result will come out right.

    But tau is easier and more natural conceptually, which may help a lot of people who struggle with math because of pi. I certainly know I've had plenty of problems with pi. Most of my dislike of trigonometry is probably because of pi.

    Edit: Also, I think it'd have to be a Seer plot exactly because it's subtle and something people just shrug off, like you're all doing right now
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