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    But tau is easier and more natural conceptually, which may help a lot of people who struggle with math because of pi. I certainly know I've had plenty of problems with pi. Most of my dislike of trigonometry is probably because of pi.
    Do you really think this will make a difference? It doesn't change most of the equations, it just removes a 2 from some places. Okay, now there are tau radians instead of 2pi, and the volume of a sphere is 2/3tau(r^3). But the 2 on 2pi tends to pop in and out during most physics equations, a lot of times it drops off. I had a physics teacher in college tell the whole class that if you're ever feeling like you did a problem right but the answer is off, just check for any combination of pi, 2, or 2pi and see if that fixes the problem.

    For all that you've been saying that dividing by two isn't a huge deal when teaching kids, is multiplying by 2 really such a huge deal that we should overturn an entire industry convention and force people to rewrite new computer programs and algorithms because they're not supposed to draw on pi anymore?

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    XCOM's a hell of a drug @_@
    Seriously. Man, it was like 5:00 AM for me when I finished after we talked last night. Lack of sleep, my god.
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    Anarion's right on the money here.

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