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Aside from the purely aesthetic appeal of it (which I will admit is probably not something most people will get), the actual need is a pedagogical one rather than a purely practical one. When you're just plugging in numbers it doesn't matter which numbers those are, as long as you know the result will come out right.

But tau is easier and more natural conceptually, which may help a lot of people who struggle with math because of pi. I certainly know I've had plenty of problems with pi. Most of my dislike of trigonometry is probably because of pi.

Edit: Also, I think it'd have to be a Seer plot exactly because it's subtle and something people just shrug off, like you're all doing right now
But the discovery of Pi helped the sum total of human knowledge considerably. It's a useful tool, something that helps raise up mankind. (regardless of whether there's a tidier way of writing it), which is surely themeatically the opposite of what the Seers are about? Don't question the world, don't investigate it. Sit back, have a macdonalds and if you really need to work something out, you can always just use a calculator anyway.

As for changing the Global Curvature of Space to make Pi = 3...
I like it. It's neet, tidy and I can't see how it could possible backfire.