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    Most of Castlevania can be covered by standard D&D rules.

    Mega Man isn't well-supported in D&D because the D20 Modern robot rules aren't really intended for player characters. There's also the question of continuity, since many sub-series of the Mega Man series have been drastic departures from the original games. I imagine that the Zero series is most fit to be ported to D20 rules.

    Doing a generic Nintendo d20 is fairly tricky, mostly due the vast range of content to work with. You need to limit your scope to start with, so that you don't get overwhelmed.

    Also, both of those IPs aren't owned by Nintendo. And you didn't mention Pokemon.

    EDIT: One more thing. Build modular. Don't try to make a new system from the ground up. If you come up with a rule like magic points or limit breaks, make it a modular option for your system (like psionics does).
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