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I can't do long division either. I don't even remember ever learning division in school, which I will admit is more likely to be faulty memory but I seriously can not remember ever learning division. It's blank, it never happened as far as my memory is concerned.

I've never needed long division. We have calculators after all. You don't need to know long division to understand division, long division is for when you wish to do division of big numbers by hand, and how often do you need that in the modern age? It may also be useful in the study of some specialized areas of number theory, which I've recently found out, much to my horror.

Yeah, no we covered Long division in fifth, sixth and eight grade. By about advanced algebra I was really feeling the hurt.

You know they are trying to stop teaching basic arithmetic in schools, now? With the number of calculators, cellphones, smart phones and iPods and stuf out there, kids will always be able tow chess a calculator. Who area if they know how it works? And that kills me every day. You know why?

Because there's a difference between profit and profit margin. If you have an item you buy for $1, and you sell it for $2, that's a 100% increase but you're only making 50% profit. If you increase something by 25% then the old number is only 80% of the new number. An these are basic principles that his won't come through anymore because kids will always have a calculator, right?

They just won't know how, why or when to use them. And every time my manager confuses mark up and profit margin, I get in trouble for not correcting him. An I get in trouble for correcting him. Math, small basic math is an integral part of my everyday life. I've needed long division plenty.

The problem is that pi is an awkward choice based on a strange convention. the problem goes to the very root of pi and affects everything.
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Yes, I really do think it will make a HUGE difference, for the reasons I've tried to express above. Pi is screwing over a lot of students who would benefit from something so very simple as just replacing 2pi with tau, not for the practicality of it in particular but for the conceptual understanding.

Also a matter of truth and correctness, dammit! *angry fist shaking!*
No it's not, no its not, and no it's not.
Pisis the lie around the circle divided by the line across the circle. That is a fundamentally simple and intuitive thing; for every unit you increase the width of a circle, you increase it's circumference by [pi] units. Kids in my class were getting this before they even understood what a circumference was, an it took a good two more weeks before the smart kids could keep radius and diameter separate. It's one of those memories I still clearly possess because of the emotion involved. I slipped up on the measurement and calmly declared the result of such division to be 3.16, and the subtle shame has stuck with me ever since.

You may like tau, but it is neither more correct, nor more right, nor more elegant. It is strictly lateral. I am all in favor of promoting both, but creating a false binary where it must be one or the other falls under No-No practices for me. Smart people will know tau and pi. Dumb people won't know either. Changing smart people to only know tau because they already only know pi is not and cannot be an improvement.

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No, see, the real injustice is that pi/tau is such an ugly number in and of itself. My (Mage) solution is to just change the global curvature of space so that pi = 3. Then you don't even need a name for it!
there is that, yes. Though it's only ugly if you force it into base10 needlessly. It's like that point-nine-infinity equals one debacle. It doesn't equal one. It equals you're using the wrong system.

And very little if any rewriting of programs would be needed. The computer doesn't care whether you call it 2pi or tau, it's the same exact number. Also the symbol tau was chosen exactly to avoid many such issues, because it's already an existing symbol.
Computer code the world over would need to be rewritten. It would bankrupt the world; theoretically why the US doesn't use metric.

Pi is screwing over millions of students worldwide, preventing them from grasping concepts that could lead them on to a path of enlightenment and understanding. If that is not a Seer plot, I don't know what is.
Tau is creatin a false dichotomy through swaying loyalty of aesthetics to promote infighting amongst the sleeper elite; mathematicians the world over feud, and progress halts. That is a seer plot.

Then again, both eating and not eating is a seer plot. the game line Mage: the awakening could be a seer plot. It's weird.

Thanqol, would you say using forces 2 to bypass a magnetic lock is covert or vulgar? The vulgar version involves removing electricity from wired into objects. The covert version involves triggering a signal in the lok you can't know about. Rotes aren't being helpful.