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Thread: Adventures in Sigil - IC - Part III [4E]

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    Lucan - Half-elf Bard
    HP 107 AC 31 Fort 25 Ref 26 Will 30

    When one of the Nine Hells breaks loose, Lucan does what he'd been planning to do all along: he shoots Zorella. Then he starts to sing as he leaps up on the table and races for the open portal.


    Use Karmic Wound on Zorella
    Attack - (1d20+22)[35]
    Damage - (2d10+14)[22]
    On hit, Zorella takes (1d10+4)[7] damage if she attacks an ally before the end of my next turn.

    Activate Skald's aura

    Leap over table on way to portal
    Acrobatics - (1d20+15)[20]
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