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    Verateka weighed the chances of being able to convince the renegades to leave, but determined it would most likely be a lost cause. Riptide needed to be cleared of targets. "++Setesh, you raise a good point. You may wish to vacate the premise, as to prevent Riptide from continuing to identify you as an enemy++."

    To Riptide, she sent the simple command: ceasefire.

    Simple commands receive a +30, command isn't a trained skill so I take a -20. Infamy point to bump it up 10. Testing v. 80 -- so I'm probably going to fail.

    (1d100)[39] <- 5 DoS

    She then moved up to one of the nearby renegades while Grag launched into another brutal charge.

    (1d100)[69] v. 85
    (1d10)[6] + 10, Pen 7
    (1d10)[8] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 65:
    (1d10)[9] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 45:
    (1d10)[6] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 25:
    (1d10)[6] + 10, Pen 7

    If under 5:
    (1d10)[5] + 10, Pen 7
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