"Don't thanks me. Because if I do that it's to be sure that he doesn't run away. Remerber that our live are on the balance. What happen to this guy will determine our live or our death. And actually, I don't like that my life is on the hand of a Darkness' pawn. So I won't hesitate a long time if he make a strange move.
For the moment, clean this place and try to find a way to adapt it to our needs.

Shina takes the piece of paper with all phone number, gives her and turn to Erin.

"Go back back to the school and try to clean what happen on the school ground. Oh Sys', by turning toward Sola, could you bring back this pastry that you make me try the last time?

Strangely, when she face Sola, It was as if Shina shining and smile, that she doesn't made before.