Squealy nommed up that apple core like no one's business.

Back in the middle of town, there were many goblins wooting and just as many scowling, likely the ones who failed to find you lot. Eh, just ignore them.

"Oh ha ho he, my chosen heroes, prove really good hiders, sneaky types, catch enemy off guard," Chief Gutwad guffawed throatily. "Now me not feel as much shame picking you, ha ha he he ho."

"Come to front of Moot House in morning, me will provide rewards personally, it great honor. Now, for rest of night, eat, drink, play and enjoy bonfire."
After that Chief Gutwad left, all those cider apples give him indigestion.

You goblins, play into night as the party dies down, most goblins don't even make it to their homes, most fall down in a sleepy stupor outside around. It was a crazy party man.

Tis now the next morning.