IntSec is basically Paranoia rejiggered into a more long term format. I'd say give it a go. Troubleshooters are lunatic, low status, low skill people sent into suicide missions by the mad, and seen as so expendable that their success is probably a bad thing. They also hate each other and will descend into complete anarchy nearly instantly.

IntSec is similar but it changes a lot of the things that make Troubleshooters expendable. IntSec troopers are quite competent, they're relatively high status and can't be killed without consequence. They're still sent on insane missions by the mad, but the madmen want them to succeed and give them various criteria to be responsible for. They still hate each other and want to kill each other, but they will be investigated if they do anything overt, and their are cortex bombs implanted in their skull and their guns are only released by a trigger.

If you want to do a longer term Alpha Complex thing, I would definitely say IntSec is the way to go. But if you want to ease into the system, first run a crazy troubleshooter game with them taking on a problem and predictably splatting. Then the next game session, run them as IntSec troopers attempting the same mission and succeeding... to an extent.