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    Quote Originally Posted by Mangles View Post
    anything else you guys suggest in the mean time i will add to the list.
    Thanks to your castle suggestion I might have an idea on how to fix the awaken/animated minifig debate. More on that idea later.
    Let's see... many things have saves, but no DC is listed.

    The capstone lets you make a very large number of bricks... but you have bricks of different types, and it doesn't specify what types of bricks you produce.

    900 regular bricks for a portable item that grants two feats (300 base for a portable item; two functions: one feat per function, each is 300 bricks), with a DC 19 craft check (1 per 100 bricks) , and weighs nine pounds (one pound per 100 bricks). Regular bricks only, and at a cost of 1 gp for 10 bricks (or 1 sp/brick), that's 90 gp for two arbitrary feats. Oh yes, and very little limit as to how many of them you can wear.
    Feats are significantly more valuable than that, by a rather lot. Assuming they're all slotted in some manner, you can have some fourteen of these on you.
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