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Let's see... many things have saves, but no DC is listed.
Its actually in the Brick Construction text.

The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a Brick Builders Lego models is 10 + 1/2 the Brick Builder’s level + the Brick Builder’s Intelligence modifier.

The capstone lets you make a very large number of bricks... but you have bricks of different types, and it doesn't specify what types of bricks you produce.
True, toned down the amount of bricks due to a lot of concern and clarified that it is only regular bricks that it produces.

Feats are significantly more valuable than that, by a rather lot. Assuming they're all slotted in some manner, you can have some fourteen of these on you.
The feats have been the biggest sticking point it seems. The portable items now must be wielded in a hand to be used. Meaning if you use both hands and use all 4 functions as feats you can only gain 4 feats from this with no other functions. Also the feats can only stack on the models separately. Hopefully this is enough to make it worthwhile to take a feat function on a model doing something else, like a weapon model.