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    Quote Originally Posted by The Zoat View Post
    "You are all idiots!" is lacking an exclamation mark and Belkar's progeny is missing, I think?
    It's not yelled, So it's just a period that I missed. No exclamation mark necessarily. Only 3 of them are children of order members, but that won't come up in the story at all anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Threeshades View Post
    The art is pretty decent but it looks like you mix and match between copy-pasting characters in the exact same pose and completely redrawing them when the poses chage. You should probably make templates for each recurring character that can be reposed.

    Also that font. Don't use that font. It's unreadable.
    I don't think I understand what you're saying with the first part...
    And The font... I'll change it. I wanted to use a different font for each character, but I guess I choose a bad one for Shiri...

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxios View Post
    Are you using Inkscape?

    Quote Originally Posted by mistformsquirrl View Post
    Hehe, pretty cool imo <^_^>

    Only thing I might suggest (and it's just personal preference) - if you're going to have a single character speaking in different panels, it may be best to go ahead and draw the V part of the chat balloon over the panels directly to the panel where the character is speaking from. That's just me though >.>
    Thanks for the advice.
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