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Roughly the same thing except I wanted a new type of recharge mechanism that would allow selectivity but not require active refreshing. I would disagree that what you linked is better though. I would say it's got more class features but a wizard generally lacks class features other than bonus feats. I chose not to include a feat every 5 levels to balance out the full base attack bonus progression and other aspects.
The Blade Scholar can learn a lot more maneuvers and the list from which the bonus feats come from is gigantic. As such versatility in strategy goes to the Blade Scholar. The higher BAB is all this has over the other as a stance is a maneuver as the developers just made stances seperate to limit the amount of stances. Also your maneuvers won't recover automatically because whenever a martial adept readies a maneuver it stays that way until expended therefore technically all you did was give a cooldown to actively recover maneuvers from adaptive style.