A few nails and blocks of rotting wood and Kim has constructed something that might not serve very well as a door, but probably belongs in an abstract art museum somewhere. At least she didnít get scraped by anything rusty. More efforts to find any room that locks or has sufficient way to keep a prisoner didnít turn up successful, and in the end one of the smaller rooms and a guard are all that could be done for the night. After the rest of the Radiant left, Shina had a fairly uneventful night. The prisoner was quiet, and eventually dozed off.

The next morning, once all of the Nobility arrive, the work began. The man was awake again, more lucid, his eyes darting between the figures of the girls around him. It was time to ask questions.

((Fun time. Post your questions, make rolls for interrogation. How you want to go about it determines your roll. You may use various things for this, such as Manipulation+Persuasion, Presence+Persuasion, Presence+Intimidation, or anything else you can justify. Whatever you roll should be in line with the technique you actually plan to use, so donít roll Persuasion if youíre threatening to chop off his fingers or something.

Make 2 rolls, representing 2 hours of time. I will throw in additional info if you roll well.))