Seventh Round of Battle Royale... all alliances seem to be settled. Just to make one thing clear: There is no thing as a draw, except if all die in the end, then nobody has won. But if the last two decide not to attack then the Inactivity Demon will decide the game. The open public demands BLOOD!

Inititative 15

wakes up from his little sleep and decides to attack The Phantom. 1d20=6 points.

Initiative 14:

Reinholdt seems to have the same idea and takes 1d20=11 points away from the Swordsman.

Initiative 10:

Castaras thinks that when all the cool people are doing it, then she can't stay away. Attacking The Phantom. 1d20=12points are enough to kill the Swordsman who had only 1 point left before this attack.

Inititative 3:

Gray Mage seems to be a bit confused about the sudden violence against his neighbour and stands around unmovingly. The next victim of the Inactivity Demon who takes away 1d10=9points.

And The Phantom is dead.

This is the table after 7 rounds:

{table=head]Name | Class | HP | state | Initiative | Action
TBFProgrammer | Cleric | 25 | can't bless till round 11, Inactive 1 | 15 | Attack The Phantom
Reinholdt | Cleric | 30 | | 14 | Attack The Phantom
Castaras | Barbarian | 19 | RAGE till round 10 Can't Rage till round 12 | 10 | Attack The Phantom
Gray Mage | Wizard | 18 | can't use Dispel till round 9, can't use Barrier till round 10 | 3 |
The Phantom | Swordsman | -11 | dead | 3 | Swordmanship on Reinholdt


Initiative and table for Round 9 in the next post