"...well, the question is, how stealthy will we need to be to reach the shadowland. Because securing rides for everyone I could do, I think, but the fastest ideas I have are not exactly the subtlest thing ever. Though maybe just moving at night until we're there could give us enough of a leg up there...".

"Also, milady, if I get a couple maps here would you mind pointing us the rough areas we have to reach, first for the shadowland we'll be using, and then from that shadowland to wherever the ship is being built? I'd like to run some numbers on how long it'll take to go and come back if nothing goes pear-shaped. Mostly for logistics and provisions and stuff. Somehow I don't think getting water and food in a shadowland is the epitome of healthiness for people without underworldly essence, just saying". And to memorize them and make a copy just in case.


(Frontdated to some time later, to start getting bits of preparation out of the way)

After everything is said and done, Drake is going to excuse himself and start moving, much as after today his body is asking for a respite. He has people to contact and plans to make.

First things first, however. He finds a discreet place and takes out the comm scarab. He has to tell Nazri about the plan - if they fail, a squad of Reckoners should still be sent to try to take down the ship before it's moved away. Drake actually feels moderately optimistic about their chances, in fact, so it probably won't be necessary... but he's not the type to leave stuff this size to chance.

"This is Drake. I have an... update to add to my last report. A pretty interesting one."