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    Timothy "Timmy" Saunders

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Description: Timmy is an average kid twelve year old boy who's a little short for his age. He has a curly brown nest of hair and eyes to match. His face has several little scrapes and scars and his nose looks like it was broken at one point.

    Regardless of the weather, he is constantly covered. Coats, sweatpants, jackets, jeans, particularly thick socks. Whatever it takes to keep people from seeing any part of him but his face.

    Powers and Personality: Put together because one has had heavy influence on the other.

    Timmy is a psychokinetic. More specifically a Psychomorph. He is able to make his thoughts physically affect the world in the form of shapes and force. If he were to imagine a wall, an invisible wall would stand in front of him and move as he wishes it. His Psychokinesis is very powerful, far too powerful for anyone his age, and that's not a good thing.

    He has to spend a great deal of concentration to keep his powers back, otherwise they react to every little thought in his head. When he wants to use them, he'll ease on the pressure keeping them back and have it fill a shape in the real world. He's gotten very good at deciding how much he needs to release and how to make many simpler shapes.

    Because his focus is so heavy on his powers, he has a great deal of trouble focusing on almost anything else. He has a hard time reading, absorbing and disseminating information, or just listening to somebody talk for too long.

    Although he has trouble reading he does enjoy books with a lot of pictures. Travel books about tropical places and flower guides seem to be his favorites, because he can enjoy them in at surface value and not feel like an idiot for reading over the same two words for twenty minutes. When ever he's realized he's lingered on a picture, he skips to the next one, nothing missed.

    If he ever loses control he immediately becomes frantic, which only exacerbates the problem. He does his best to have no thoughts at all, but that's hard to do when you're scared.

    Items: He owns several long sleeved shirt and long legged pants. His prized possessions are a flower encyclopedia and a travel book about Hawaii (which is stuffed full of travel brochures of several other exotic locations, not all of them earthly).

    Backstory: To Come
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