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    Seeing as one of the temporarily blinded and fleeing renegades made the mistake of running past Setesh, the human got swiftly cut in half by the sorcerer's daemon weapon. The rest did not manage to get far either, as Setesh was quick to charge a second renegade and cut him down as well a few seconds later. The deadliness between the sorcerer's flamer and daemon weapon was like comparing night and day.

    As for the last renegade, Setesh choose not to kill him right away. He had come there to get a sacrificial victim, and he was not about to just make the whole thing a waste of time. He knocked the renegade out, and dragged the human back to the heretek.

    "I have what I came for. Are we done here?" He looked at the servitor, almost expecting it to malfunction again.
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